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Happy Birthday Mom!

By my sister you first became “Mother.”
Then you made me, the brother.
Dad helped with that too, and how-do-you-do,
We’re a family like no other.

But this family really started
When off your mom was carted
To the delivery room, then bang-clang-kerploom!
From her body you departed.

And so this day we do
Take time to celebrate you.
Not with cheap paper hats (we are cooler than that’s),
But with a birthday choo-choo boogaloo.
(Figuratively speaking).

So whether weather is warm or cold,
You we will will hug, kiss, and hold.
So have a wonderful year, and just to be clear,
Our love for you never grows old.

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The Field That Is Us

It’s beautiful, this field,
With grass as high as your knees.
Soft and green
Swaying gently in a breeze
As warm as my love’s embrace.

We met here as children.
In the end she’d be my wife.
We trampled flowers, frightened birds
And swore eternal love to life
And each other.

Twelve years later we returned,
Twice as old and just as free.
She wanted to make love,
And I fell to one knee
And told her to wait a bit longer.

The wedding came, intimate,
With guests totaling eleven.
It rained and we cried
In joy, in love, in heaven.
There was a rainbow before the sunset.

I return sixty years later
Driving down the road unpaved.
It rains again as I kneel
And lay a flower on her grave
In the field that is us.

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I feel sorry for Bane,
That villainous guy.
He grew up in a pit
Gazing up at the sky.

He never ate Birthday Cake,
Cookies, or Pie.
I hope you now know
Why he wants you to die.

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