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Christmas Dragon

I got a dragon for Christmas,
And where my house used to be
Not a creature is stirring.
No, not even me.

See, it arrived all wrapped up
In gold wrapping paper.
I opened it, unaware
Of the upcoming caper.

Sure enough, once unwrapped
It flew into a rage,
And the dragon broke out
Of its carrying cage.

It blew fire from its nose
And gave off a roar
And it kept doing this
‘Til my house was no more.

Then it rose from the rubble
That it had created
And flew into the sky,
Its destructive urge sated.

So I lay down to sleep
Near a burnt fallen log,
And dream of next Christmas
When I’ll ask for a dog.

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Belles and Whistles

Bart had greased the lightning,
And he’d tested all the wires
By the light of midnight oil,
And his own creative fires.

And as the howling wind chimed the bell
at three thirteen A.M.
He flipped to “on” the on switch,
And prepared to meet his gem.

At first, nothing happened,
Then arose a soft whirr.
It sat up, and he whistled
Enraptured by her.

But in both of their hearts
There lingered one mystery:
Could biology and robotics
Develop lasting chemistry?

The creator stepped forward
With his eyes fixed upon
His creation and said
“My name’s Bart. Your name’s Dawn.”

The lovebot responded
to Bart’s great surprise.
She looked up, with an LED
Light in her eyes.

And after she spoke,
Her uniqueness shone through.
She said “One zero zero
one zero one two.”

“You’ve broken the binary!”
Said the excited Bart,
And he embraced Dawn,
Who had stolen his heart.

The two of them got married,
Neither had any reservations.
They had all the bells and whistles,
But not a lot of converations.

And at night, Bart would fall asleep,
After powering off his Dawn,
And every night he dreamed
Of that first night he turned her on.

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