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Going Pro

I’ll go with the flow,
With the status quo,
But there are new places
This poet must go,
And so

I’m pleased to declare
To those here and there
That new things are coming,
Like Spring in the air.

I’ve created a page
(As it’s called in this age)
In the book of faces
For you to engage.

The site name has been altered,
Just in case you have faltered.
It’s just now.
The WordPress name has been haltered
(And by haltered I mean gotten rid of, but you knew that).

But the next great frontier
Which I whisper in your ear
Is a publishing venture.
Oh dear, oh dear.

The future is bright.
Come join it with me,
And tomorrow we’ll have
An even greater Travesty.

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The Weasel

There are many creatures like the weasel,
Who are seldom painted on an easel,
But to mention this to the rodent
Would be deemed very improdent.
Weasels are cruel by habit,
Unlike their cousin, the rabbit,
But the weasel’s full of love inside.
Don’t judge them ’cause they’re beady eyed.

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Thunder and Lightening: The Myth of Thor

The God of thunder
Sat in the dark
Drinking souls from an ancient cup.
Then his wife walked in
With a daylight bulb.
She was just lightening the whole place up.

So Mr. Thunder shut his door.
He was rubbed the wrong way.
He was rubbed downright Thor.

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If Only

Echoes of midnight
Alight in your eyes
As you lie in my bed,
No clothes to disguise

A figure that whispers
A desire to stay,
And I wonder why homeless guys
Always show up this way.

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On the Correction of Humans

It’s come to my attention
That the world isn’t flawless.
People are ugly, stupid, poor,
Foreign, local, and/or lawless.

To fix this inconvenient fact
I’ve thought up a solution:
Let’s choose some perfect people
And write up a constitution

And bind those other people
Under government and law.
Isn’t it nice that this system
Doesn’t have any flaw?

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Obfuscate and Pursue

I play hide-and-go-seek with happiness
And a sly hider I’ve found it to be.
I’ve looked in the obvious places,
But found little appealing to me.

I searched through arts and sciences,
And geographical sites galore,
But whenever I find some happiness
I’m not happy, because I want more.

And then when I tire
And I decide to quit playing,
Happiness comes out
From where it was staying.

What I learned from the game,
At least the way I construe it,
Is that happiness hides
Only when you pursue it.

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Her Headache

She had a headache,
I had lice.
She had a headache
After I bought the mice.
She had a headache
When I was constipated.
Do you think maybe
The two are related?

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