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Yours Truly, Saedifotuo

There’s a meme you may have seen

That posits the following claim:

If you spell your name backwards

It is your “Demon Name.”

Now Bob and Racecar doubt themselves

(Though Racecar already did)

And you won’t see Regina anywhere

‘Cause she already hid.

Meanwhile, poor Natasha

Has mysteriously been ignored…

Thanks for reading this poem

And I hope you’re no longer bored!

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How Ominous?

I saw an omen in the night.

I said, “You’re bad.”

It said, “You’re right.”

You say you saw the omen too.

You said, “You’re good.”

It said, “That’s true.”

I asked the omen, “How is it

“To them you’re great,

“To me you’re shit?”

The omen smiled and replied

“I choose to be

“What you decide.”

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Hello to you, dear reader

(Or listener, if you will).

Might I suggest a simple game

Of chance instead of skill?

It’s the tossing of a silver coin

To results in heads or tails.

Your side of choice is a liquid voice

But the other side is wails.

With a heads, you’re six feet taller

Dancing circles in the sky

With a castle full of diamonds

And a friend who’ll never die,

Your wishes but a whim away

In a life devoid of loss.

I’ll even throw a dragon in

If you’ll give my coin a toss!

With a tails, six-feet under

Is a wish that won’t come true

As sky and earth and ocean

Are a nemesis to you.

You look around at all you hate

But only mirrors see,

And the dragon’s on the table still

If you’ll toss a coin with me.

Should you face a face post-flipping

You’ll have all that you can eat,

Removed from all discomforts

And immune to all deceit.

Your words will carry weight again

And the sun will always shine.

The face you face just might be yours

If you’ll flip this coin of mine!

But if that face is hidden

Hidden will your face be too

Behind your ever-aching hands

And whatever that guy threw…

There’ll be excellence around you

But the best you’ll get is fair;

It’s the risk you take for sending

My coin spinning through the air.

Should you be a coward

To avoid the loss of tails

There’ll be lemon in your water

And wind within your sails.

Should you be a hero

And pursue the wealth of heads

You’ll have no fear of failure

And a lack of empty beds.

Euphoria awaits you

In the paradise you made

With an open grave beside it

Dug by hand and fortune’s spades.

A two-faced ally in the air

Does Heaven and Hell divide

Will you be fine with good enough

Or care to pick a side?

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Playing With Fire

I’ve noticed as of late

Fortune seems to elude me,

Like the time I struck a match

And the match just up and sued me!


I said “Dad, go long!”

He was twenty yards away

When I lit the fuse…


God made wood flammable

Some time after day seven.

He made it burn with chemicals;

‘Twas a match made in Heaven.

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Is This Too White, I Wonder ™?

Body and bread,

Sword and sheaf;

Stalk of muscle,

Blade of leaf;

Sweet or sour,

Baked or no;

It rises within us:

Tae Kwon Dough!

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Coping With Invisibility

When I feel invisible

And that feeling makes me sad

I think of 5’11” African-American dads who play the viola, vote libertarian, and write poetry blogs

And I don’t feel so bad.

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Musicians At Nursing Homes Be Like:

I tuned my guitar

Then unplugged the beepy things.

What a quiet crowd…

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