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An Off-Color Poem

Green escalators don’t exist,
And I think that’s a pity.
Playing cards are red and black,
But wouldn’t blue be pretty?

Sunsets can be orange or pink
But never violet hued,
And I’ve never seen a face so red
As when you saw me nude.

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He sees, She sees

I see blue, she sees puce.

I see green, she sees chartreuse.

I see yellow, she sees sunrise.

Ah, how I wonder what’s wrong with her eyes.


I see black, she sees monochrome.

I see white, she sees moonstone.

I see red, she sees vermillion.

I see purple, she agrees, and I say “Thanks a million.”


I see gold, she sees wedding ring.

I see silver, she sees bumblebee wing.

I see brown, she sees a dark tan.

So to paint your house orange, you should hire a man.


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