Tired Piggy gets Censored

Tired Piggy takes a nap

And dreams about a duck.

Tired Piggy doesn’t care:

He doesn’t give a (darn).


Tired Piggy awakes

On a chair on which he sits.

He feels a tugging in his intestines

And Tired Piggy (excuses himself).


Tired Piggy isn’t interesting.

He is an awful bore.

He looks to find some romance,

So he hires a (court jester).


Tired Piggy isn’t crude,

Although he tries to be.

Now tell the censors to (darn) themselves

They’re doing a (court jester)-ible job censoring me.


Filed under Poems

2 responses to “Tired Piggy gets Censored

  1. It’s so difficult to ryhme when you’re a censored piggy.


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