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Not The Solution We Need, But The Solution We Deserve…

Thousands of New Yorkers

Are dying every day,

Yet no one has the courage

To step on up and say

“Send every smart-mouthed teenager

“Some radioactive Purell.”

We could have superheroes by now

But the government says “Oh well…”

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The Daily Bright Side?

In Venice, the dolphins are happy,

Galavanting in the canals;

Some folks say that Covid is the reason.

The people of Miami

Have big smiles as well

Because their Dolphins might not play this season!

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AI Is Commenting About Itself… Welcome To April

Today I saw this comment

Responding to a poem of mine.

He read the poem as many times

As I’ve had valentines.

He thought it was informative,

So unless I am a loon

I suspect that “Michael Pearson”

Will be in congress soon.

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So Are The Neighbors Happy Or Not?

I played some screamo-metal music

In my yard the other day.

Now the grass is black,

And the lawn cuts itself, so yay?

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My Musings On The Economy

I’m a musician in Washington state.

Governor Inslee extended the date

Of the “Stay home, stay safe” order,

Banning two months of shows.

How I’ll make those 12 bucks back, nobody knows…

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I Was So Upset, I Didn’t Even Write the Next 2.5 Stanzas!

A man sold me some wood the other day.

He said “This is the best you’ll ever get.”

But when I set the wood on fire I saw

Cars painted on the sides, and knew ’twas shit.

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Sometimes I think I’m a genius,

The zenith of human existence,

But then I give up to early

Because I can’t think of an appropriate word…

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