Keep the Baby Blues

Well the supreme court
Made an unpopular decision,
At least for those whose disposition
Is decidedly pro-choice.
But Baby, I’m here
To let you know no need to bother,
‘Cause your probably not the father
Of my up-and-coming boys.

But if you can’t sleep
‘Cause of that night you slept around,
Well good news, you dirty hound!
I’ve a solution to use.
No need to find
Some shady dark alley clinics
Run by Obama-care critics.
Just sing the “keep the baby” blues.

You might just find that fatherhood
Is just what you should.
Might be surprisingly good.
Yea, you might just find that having boys
Is not all about the noise
And spending money on toys.

Look on the bright side:
You have to pay for birth control
Which feels good deep in your soul,
Or so the justices said.
And better yet
If feds won’t pay to kill a baby
Then it might just be that maybe
Fewer babies be dead.

You might just find being a mum
Is very joyous to some,
Even if Daddy’s a bum.
You might just find the will to love
Though maybe that epiphany don’t come from heaven above.

Liberal friends, they did defeat us,
But their intent wasn’t simply to beat us,
They was only try’n to save another fetus,
Who just might be a future baby Cletus.

And so I end
With this proposal to ponder:
Would our hopes go way out yonder
If you did abstinence choose?
And I’ll admit
If that’s a price too high to pay
Then live your life the same way
And sing the “keep the baby” blues.

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