The Missing Poem of June 30th (AKA the Page That Wouldn’t Die)

Eight days ago I wrote

A poem. “What?” you gasp.

I raise my eyebrow at your sarcasm

And then my hands I clasp.

The problem with this poem

Was that I wrote it as a page,

So it did not show up in this feed.

You cannot guess my rage.

So know I’ve fixed the error

And I present for you

The June 30th poem

That you thought had gone askew.


I hit the nail on the head,

Pound, pound, pound.

I hit the nail many times

And beat it into the ground.

I hammered on that nail

With all my worldly might,

And as I did, I thought of you.

It brought me much delight.

Maybe it was better

That the poem above was lost.

I no longer feel the way I did.

This line rhymes with Faust.

Now mercifully I leave you

Until the Ninth of July.

Thanks again Dear Readers,

And once again, good bye.

On an unrelated, but absolutely true note, this stupid Meta-poem posted itself as a page, rather than a post, twice. It may still be a page. We will see.


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