The Monster’s Bad Day

I hide under your bed,
And I listen to you sleep.
I’m a hairy, hungry monster,
And a very scary creep.

I slide from under the mattress
And I long to hear your screams,
But as I lean over your face
My pants year at the seams.

Well I cover up my booty
And composure I regain.
Then I step on a Lego
And my mind goes numb from pain.

I stumble back and bite my tongue
And try to silent be.
Then your eyes flap open
And you take a look at me.

It seems bizarre to you,
So you think it’s a nightmare.
So you fall asleep, and I silently scream:
“This monster’s life ain’t fair.”

So I slink back to the ground
And crawl back beneath your bed.
Tomorrow I’ll do better.
Tomorrow you’ll be dead….


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