The Ice Cream Bar

When they invented the ice cream bar
They missed an opportunity
To add an element of class
To the nightlife community,

For think about a bar you know:
Alcohol’s all she wrote.
Why not mix your drinks up
With a regular beer float?

And who wouldn’t enjoy
Three dozen flavors on tap?
The very thought of an ice cream bar
Just makes me want to clap!

And if your drinking because of pain
Something sweet can end the sobbin’.
Thanks for listening, venture capital guy,
But what’s a Baskin Robbin?


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2 responses to “The Ice Cream Bar

  1. Sounds great to me! Also recalls a friend of mine who told my that when she was a child and going to Baskin Robbins, she always thought it meant there would be a basket full if robins and was actually disappointed to find out this wasn’t the case.


  2. Ice cream and beer taps.
    Cold refreshing summer treat.
    Drink Watermelon.


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