Samson and Dalila

Samson’s hairs were much like twines
As the strong man fought the Philistines.
His dreads inspired lots of fear
(From the smell, just to be clear).

Then he met a Philly girl
Whose hair, like his, was fun to twirl.
They went to Alaska to be married,
A long walk yes, but they never tarried.

As they were wed ‘neath the lights boreal
Dalila was plotting with L’oreal
For if Samson was “worth it,” so might it be
That the war could end sweet and silkily.

And at the igloo’s honeymoon suite
Samson had begun to eat
While Dalila washed his long dark hair,
Both wife and husband unaware
That instead of fancy shampoo, there
Was a mislabeled bottle containing Nair.

With Samson bald, Dalila wept
As from the icy floor she swept
The locks which brought both strength and love
Which had been granted from above.

And so Samson fell from grace,
His head now bald, but not his face.
Dalila wanted to comfort him so,
And said “darling, I think the beard should go.”

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