Today I was nominated

For a “Dragon Loyalty Award”

By Aunty Cath, my follower

Whom I am grateful toward.
The gist of this distinction

(Besides just being great)

Is to write a bit about yourself

And other blogs you appreciate.
So first, the bit about me.

I will share seven things:

I play and teach the clarinet,

I enjoy playing on swings,
I’m a board game fanatic

And a pokemon collector,

My favorite band is “Great Big Sea”

And I’m a rampant grammar-corrector.
The seventh thing I’ll share with you

Is that I don’t read many blogs.

Mostly they’re about men’s fashion

Or have pictures of cute dogs.
So if you want to win something

Like this esteemed award,

You can claim I nominated you

And boom! Now you’re not bored.
And thanks again to Aunty Cath:

I might just follow you,

‘Cause you gave me a topic for today

Besides just a haiku.

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One response to “Accolades

  1. Haha … You did it! You are way too cool.


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