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“Write A Poem With Silver And Orange… You Can’t”

All that is gold does not glitter;

All that is green does not grow;

But all that is orange and all that is silver

Will not have an easy rhyme though.

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Today I was nominated

For a “Dragon Loyalty Award”

By Aunty Cath, my follower

Whom I am grateful toward.
The gist of this distinction

(Besides just being great)

Is to write a bit about yourself

And other blogs you appreciate.
So first, the bit about me.

I will share seven things:

I play and teach the clarinet,

I enjoy playing on swings,
I’m a board game fanatic

And a pokemon collector,

My favorite band is “Great Big Sea”

And I’m a rampant grammar-corrector.
The seventh thing I’ll share with you

Is that I don’t read many blogs.

Mostly they’re about men’s fashion

Or have pictures of cute dogs.
So if you want to win something

Like this esteemed award,

You can claim I nominated you

And boom! Now you’re not bored.
And thanks again to Aunty Cath:

I might just follow you,

‘Cause you gave me a topic for today

Besides just a haiku.

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Easter Eggs

Easter eggs confuse me.

They do not come from a bunny,

And telling children that they do

Just really isn’t funny.


What is funny though

Is in movies, games and books

When the creators add in secret things

You don’t find in the first few looks.


And so, as writer’s block set in

This gray and fateful day,

I left an Easter egg for you

Hidden amidst this page.


If you can find it, good for you!

Like or comment and let me know.

If you don’t here’s a hint: It’s a question

That resides where the internet knows.



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“100 Things” Challenge

As you know, dear reader,

This blog is just for fun.

There’s seldom something serious,

And humor’s number one.

But today I offer something new:

A challenge, if you please.

Try to rid your life of a hundred things.

At this, you should not sneeze.


Start out with the simple things:

The games you never play,

Some plates or mugs or napkins,

Or that spinach flavored sorbet.

Then move on to bigger things,

Like clothes you never wear.

Give some of it to charities

And see how people care.


Do you really need those picture books

You’ve had since second grade?

A flashlight without batteries,

Or pictures of parades?

Then finally, you’ve rid yourself

Of fifty useless “these.”

You realize now more’s got to go,

And now you’ve reached the keys:


The keys of this whole exercise

Is when you’ve given so,

It’s nasty things that hurt you,

That now will have to go.

There’s grudges, grime, and politics,

And yelling on the news.

There’s people who annoy you a lot

And singing lonely blues.


And when you’ve gotten rid of

100 needless things,

You’ll suddenly feel freer

And happier than kings.

I hope you take this challenge

And try it out yourself.

Get rid of things you do not need

And endless is your wealth.

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