Instant food is great

Most bachelors would agree,

But that just seems a little too

American to me.

Now, I get that potatoes

Take a lot of time to cook.

Sometimes home cooked macaroni

Doesn’t have that chemical look.

Maybe you’re to tired

To take a cup of oats

And throw in some sugar and xanthan gum

And whatever else that floats.

So you buy a bag of chemicals

With natural oat flavor

And nuke it for 60 seconds

And for another 60, you savor.

To top it off, this overpriced

Tax on those who cannot cook

Has an old, white guy or store brand

To complete its flashy look.

Thus ends my rant on oatmeal

And the injustice derived therefrom.

Tomorrow, tune in again

For my rant on chewing gum!

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