My Costume Is Apathy

I feel obliged to be spooky

But I’m not feeling it.

I have un-made-up skin

And don’t feel like peeling it.

I’m uncostumed by choice,

Though I looked on Pinterest

Through costume ideas

That held no interest.

There are monsters and witches

And women in lingerie

With animal ears.

What a menagerie! 

And I’m challenging passerby

With my sleepy stare

To guess who I am,

Even though I don’t care.

People set bonfires

And dance ’round my home,

And I’m sleeping and hoping

They don’t steal my gnome.

Maybe I’ll get wild

And be less of a lump

With a low budget movie

That will make me jump.

And then come the children

In a sweet-craving mob.

There are 600 Elsa’s

And one I think is The Blob.

There’s Spiderman, Ironman,

And a beast with six legs,

And some orange jumpsuited kids

Delivering eggs.

And then its all over

And the kids go away.

The fast-food workers party

And I guess pagans pray.

I’ve  done my part

To keep dentists employed.

Despite myself, this day

I somewhat enjoyed.

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