How Quickly Things Change

Waiting for the bus

In the rain

Next to other people

Who don’t have their bus passes.

Waiting for the bus.

Such a pain!

Other people are talking to me

Mostly out of their asses.

Waiting for the bus,

Not a train.

Other people haven’t gotten the hint that my failure to acknowledge their attempts to converse mean I don’t want to converse.

Such is the transport of the masses.

Then the bus arrives

And my jaw falls limply.

She steps off, so graceful,

So beautifully simply.

I watch her meander

Like a flower in the breeze,

Warm and fragile like stained glass

And as innocent as a sneeze.

I mean to call out to her

So she might look my way

But I find my tongue and brain

Cannot agree on what to say.

I dumbly watch her disappear

And without so much as fuss

I’m standing by myself once more

Just waiting for the bus.


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One response to “How Quickly Things Change

  1. Innocent as a sneeze????

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