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YA Romance Writers, Take Note

While I was making sweet, sweet love

To my canoe, I thought:

“Just because your love’s forbidden

“Doesn’t mean it’s hot.”

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When People Write In Nothing But Emojis

The longest month of springtime,

A ball that helps you see,

A band with too much makeup,

And a goat we named “Marie.”

I meant to be romantic

But she had no clue

That I was simply asking

“May I kiss you?”


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Relationship Goals

Two years ago on Sunday

I looked into her eyes

And promised her I love her

And I’m not like other guys.

One year ago on Sunday

I met with her and said

I’d fly us both to Venice

And we’d never leave the bed.

And now this year on Sunday

I’ll ask her to be my bride

And maybe this time she’ll says yes

And I’ll feel good inside!

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One Night, But There’s No Standing

She stands tall and beautiful,

Symmetrical and brown.

Little did I know my touch

Will bring her crashing down.

Everyone around her stares

In silence, tense and fun

And I know I must reach out

And be her only one.

I know not where to try my luck,

So I start with her feet

Then move attention to her head,

The first trial complete.

Still she stands, but shaken

By the change in her I’ve wrought.

My hands keep going back to her

Despite how hard I fought.

All through the night I push and pull

And hope that I could change her,

But it is I who lost my nerve

Amidst an air of danger.

I thought I’d stand so tall and proud

And thought she’d do the same.

Alas, together we collapse;

Thus ends the Jenga game.

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Dating In The Country Be Like…

I hear her dad has fewer teeth

Than guns hung on his walls…

I heard her seven brothers

Got among ’em 19 balls…

I’ve heard her mom got famous

As a former L.A. Ram…

But I heard she ain’t got no beard

So I don’t give a damn!

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The Intimacy Of Distance

Sometimes to be yourself it seems

A friend just will not do,

For one may fear a friend will know

About the real you.

And so when one must tell the truth

With all its hidden dangers

One turns to find one’s solace

In the waiting ears of strangers.

And yet in sharing what you are

With someone you don’t know,

In starting with the basic stuff

And moving far too slow

You find that what you hoped for

Is alive and omnipresent

And that a world that judged you

Now appears… could it be pleasant?

Did you see the sun came out

And know that fruit is sweet

And music’s free for everyone

And smiles fill the street?

Sometimes just to be yourself

Needs strength you do not feel

So thank God for the strangers

And the ways they help us heal.

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When Her Eyes Met Mine

My eyes are sort of brownish

Like a car that no one bought,

But there’s a girl I see in class

Whose eyes I like a lot;

They’re greener than a vegan’s lawn

And bright as stars above,

And when I look into their depths

I fall deeper in love.

I asked a dear old friend of mine

How I can show I care.

He told me to make eye contact

And all would flow from there,

And so I took my glasses off

And walked up, feeling fine

And took her head into my hands

And pressed her eyes to mine.

Well I can’t say I had success…

Can’t say it helped my vision…

All I can say’s my friend’s advice

Got me locked up in prison.

But on a side almost as bright

As her eyes’ emerald hue

She said a lot of words to me

And that’s a dream come true!

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Shut Up, It’s A Valid Question!

Nine out of ten people agree

A zombie apocalypse would be bad,

And yet there are folks you will see

Who think such a plague is rad.

What I really want to know

Is whether those with necrophilia

Would be more or less turned on

By moving corpses that can kill ya…

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One hundred years ago today

A boy and girl were scared

Together in the chapel,

Neither one of them prepared

To spend a life exclusively

In one another’s heart,

But shared a kiss and promise there

‘Til death tore them apart.

Five years from that fateful day

A child joined the two

And once again they stood in fear

Without a hope or clue,

Uncertain how to raise a child

And keep him safe from pain,

But wrapped him in a blanket

And they walked him through the rain.

When fifteen years expired

Since the day they said “I do,”

They met a world of poverty

And skies were seldom blue,

And sometimes they’d go weeks on end

And not a dollar see,

But when they ate, they said their prayers

They ate as family.

Twenty years and thirty went

And forty passed away

And what was young was wrinkled up

And what was brown turned gray.

The easy things got harder

And the hard things all stayed tough,

But a couple has each other

And for them that was enough.

A hundred years ago today

Two words were said by two

And love that was uncertain then

We now can see was true.

There’s always rain, there’s always fear,

There’s always poverty,

And there will always be two more

To find serenity.

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The Edge of Seventeen

There’s a lake just off the freeway

That I went to with a girl

And we sat beside the water,

Feeding nature to a squirrel.

We made noises with our mouths

And made each other laugh,

Then we got someone to feed us

And we only paid for half.

We saw folks in real pain

Pretend to hurt in different ways

While on a screen and in the guise

Of whatever film’s the craze.

Then I drove backwards up a hill

To drop her off at almost nowhere.

I think about her every time

I see that lake, but never go there.

Such is love and such is life

For one who sees the sun at night,

Who, knowing how they hunger so,

Gladly lets the bedbugs bite.

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