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Aphrodite’s Mom-of-the-Year Award

I didn’t put my firearms

In a baby-proof safe. I’m not stupid!

I just wanted to give the world

A much more dangerous cupid.


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Pollination in NPC-Ville

I walk in the white flower garden,

One block of peace

In a mountain of steel,

Glass, smoke, and grease.

The flowers have tattooed

Their white petals brown,

Exposed their stems

For a night on the town.

They speak of old flowers

Who once shared their bed,

How far their particular

Pollen has spread.

You can watch how they wilt

While they boast that they thrive

And you wonder why bees

Opt to stay in the hive.

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Hi Debbie!

If you were a prescription drug

I’d call you Trilambdakrip

Because the word is meaningless

Just like our relationship.

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I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For

I brought a dozen roses,

A diamond, and a kitten

To serenade by starlight

The lass with whom I’m smitten.

I sang “Every Breath You Take”

To my very special girl.

Then she locked me in her laser sights

And sang me “Goodbye Earl.”

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Thanks, Arbitrary Statistics!

A minute with me

Is an hour in Heaven,

But no woman will know

‘Cause I’m five-foot-eleven.

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In Case You’d Forgotten

Back in the Western USA

In 1800 somethin’

A couple cowboys realized

Their hearts, they were a thumpin’.

The cowboys had been life long friends

And though they both were male

They rode to Brokeback Mountain

And they gave up on the trail.



We used to have some cowboys

To protect our town from raids,

But now we have to check

Our cowboy guardians for AIDS!

They use to be quick to the draw

But now they have more fun

With the sheathing than the drawing

Of their aforementioned gun!



One cowboy found his saddle’s

Grown less comfortable with time. He

Found this was the case

Unless their romance they would stymie.

But the cowboys needed horses

Like they found they needed lasses

And they replaced their ponies

With one another’s (whoaaa!)











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Bad Romance

I love you

Like Japan loves tentacles,

Like psychos love murder

And goth teens love pentacles.

I love you

Like Chris Pratt loves his raptors

And people with Stockholm

Syndrome love their captors.

I love you

Like a farmer loves cattle,

Like that one guy you know

Loves leather and a paddle.

I love you

Like Tarantino loves gore

And it’s for these reasons

I can’t see you no more.

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