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Her Heroes?

My lady likes a hairy man

Who eats his food straight from a can,

Walks silently around the house

And saved her from a wild mouse.

Her dream guy sleeps both long and hard.

Around him she lets down her guard.

He can snuggle up at night

And make the whole world feel alright.

She likes the feeling of his tongue,

Not worried he’s no longer young.

The only worry I have is that

Is this guy me, or is it her cat?

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My Girl Called This “So Sweet” … Should I Be Worried?

I love you
With all my heart,
Like hobos love
A shopping cart,
Like children laugh
When people fart,
When we are near
Or far apart.

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Remember When I Was A Bachelor And Wrote Funny, Cynical Stuff? Yeah… About That…

I took a nap and pet a cat

And read a book and brushed a horse

And now I write a poem about that

That’s precisely eight lines long, of course.

Some days you will stress and struggle;

Some days you’ll complain and whine.

Today I smiled and chose to snuggle

A ginger angel, mine all mine.

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Eight Lines In Two Minutes… I’m Inspired 🥰

Tonight I was abducted

By a girl with rosy hair

And forced into abiding love

Of depth both fine and rare.

She’s brushing her teeth now

And I’m trying to write this fast.

(This wasn’t my first “my girl’s here” poem

And it surely won’t be my last).

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For The One

I love how ordinary days

Can set my heart alight.

I love the normal, glorious ways

Your face can glow so bright,

How just to fall asleep with you

Makes my entire week

And how many ways we say “I love you”

With eyes and blushing cheeks.

I’m glad I make you feel safe

When life just isn’t fair.

My heart is yours and much more full

Than my poor head of hair.

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She Even Reads My Bad Poems ❤️

Once in a while you meet someone nice,

And once a year someone ideal,

But once in a lifetime you might meet a person

Who’s someone entirely real;

Who burps like a hippo and sleeps like a kitten

With hair that demands that you pet it;

They’ll go out of their way to buy baby corn

Though it took them two Safeways to get it.

Sometimes that person is one of a kind,

Someone faithful and honest and true,

And your only job is forgetting to doubt

That their perfect partner is you.

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Suck It, Hanging Gardens Of Babylon!

It rises like a mountain,

Slopes gently like a hill,

Softer than a lullaby

And gives me such a thrill;

A spectacle, a marvel,

And my mouth will never shut

As I gaze with loving splendor

On my girl’s majestic butt.

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Instead of “Happily Ever After”, Say This

In almost every fairy tale

Before Disney went woke

Someone would be destitute…

Good-looking, yes, but broke.

Someone else would come along

And always do what’s right

And the two of them would marry

And ride off into the night.

The question that arises

But that Disney still ignores

Is how “Happily ever after”

Can coexist with chores,

How princesses and monsters

And kings and queens and knights

Can say that they are happy

Despite their many fights,

That life keeps getting in their way

And still they smile on,

Breathing fire in the evening

Yet they’re safe again at dawn.

These fairy tales could have said

“And from then on the chose

“Always to be partners

“Even when they felt like foes.”

But instead, soon I suspect

Disney will say “Though rage

“Occasionally dampened their spirits,

“They were saved by a higher minimum wage.”

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Strawberry Girl

Strawberry girl who smiled at me,

I can’t help but wonder who it is you see.

Is it a ghost? In your heart I haunt

With illusory promise of all that you want;

Or is it a man who won’t stop the fight

To find you? Which one of us brings you delight?

Strawberry girl who gave me a kiss,

When we’re apart which me do you miss?

Is it the thought of the way that you feel

Like each moment we are is too sweet to be real;

Or is it the man protecting the bruise

Someone left on his heart? Which me will you choose?

Strawberry girl who held me one day,

I will be your man, whether mortal or fey;

A dream or a person, a prayer or a mind;

Someone to be cherished or else left behind.

You are a woman, but also a thought,

And I’ll be your man whether you’re here or not.

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What Every Man Wishes He Could Say To The Woman He Loves

I hope you sleep well dear,

All warm in your bed

With the stars softly kissing

The back of your head,

And the darkness and quiet

And peace coalesce

To relieve you of burdens

And release you from stress.

I hope you are carried

By angels of dreams

To a land of soft mountains

And limerent streams

So that when you awaken

Refreshed and renewed

You’ll finally cook me

Some half decent food!

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