When 11 Just Aren’t Cutting It

Sometimes in our busy lives

The screaming kids and missing socks

Distract us from our due worship

Of our beloved Seattle ‘Hawks.

And so as Rodgers tossed the ball

Three downs into the third

The socks and kids conspired

Against the Northwest’s bird.

The Hawks restores our shattered hopes

A dozen micro-plays from there

When Hauschka’s kick from 28

Soared for 3 through frigid air.

The Packers missed a field goal kick

And took a penalty for 15. It

Will no longer please me writing this

‘Cause the rest of the game was shit.

Wilson threw like the guy by you

Who thinks he could throw better.

The interceptions just kept coming

And our eyes kept growing wetter.

Into this devestations causes

I dare not think to delve.

I can only say it’s all your fault.

Next time be a better twelve.

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One response to “When 11 Just Aren’t Cutting It

  1. Priscilla petunia flower

    Ouch ouch ouch. Duly recorded by our intrepid travestist.


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