Rental Property In A College Town

So you’re in need of housing

And you’re the budget-concious type, right?

Well I’ve got an arrangement

That will surely have you swipe right!

Now, first impressions matter

But second chances matter more

So don’t pass too harsh a judgement

Just ’cause it doesn’t have a door.

The walls have unique colors

But all’s not what it seems.

Some folks don’t think it looks at all

Like puke and shattered dreams.

If you’re one who likes hunting

But like to stay inside the walls

You can satisfy both longings

With wild game that roams the halls.

When it rains you won’t need faucets.

When its hot a breeze comes in.

When it’s cold you’ll make a fire,

Which in my book is a win.

So if your shattered ego

Is numb enough to stay

You’ll get the cheapest rent in town:

A thousand bucks a day!

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