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If They Only Had A Brain…

Some zombies caught diseases

That made them long for brains.

Some are raised by the magic

That a necromancer trains.

Some become a zombie for

No reason we can see

But most zombies decided

To major in sociology.


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One Thing Most Of You Will Never Have To Worry About

If you’re ever taking a walk

And you’re an amateur mime named Jean-Jacques

You’d be an unlucky bloke

If you had a stroke

But oh, how the viewers would talk!

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Yet More Biblical Scholarship

When Jesus was a baby,

Two or three years maybe,

He probably had a phase of asking “why?”

“Why was I born a Jew?”

“Why’re the sky and water blue?”

“Why don’t wise men ever bring me pie?”

And I’m inspired by Mary,

As her baby she did carry

For It must take considerable skill

To look at Baby God

With a motherly sort of nod

And answer him “Because it is your will.”

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God made twelve hours of light and dark

In an alternating way

Then sat a while

And with a smile

Decided to call it a day.

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…Or Girls In General, For That Matter

“The devil plays the violin,

The instrument of mortal sin.”

I told her this, then said hello.

#How to not pick up girls who play cello

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Mom Was Right

There comes a time in our epoch

When you face the toughest of fights,

You, insignificant human

Alone with the crusher of lights,

A few hundred pounds of soft tissue

Versus a beast from which no one can hide

But you have one ally to help you:

You can turn off the screen and go outside.

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Shakespeares’s Cat

Kitty kitty

Of my heart,

Who’s a good cat?

Verily, thou art!

I say to thee

A coochy-coo

For who art the cutest?

‘Tis you! ‘Tis you!

Kitty kitty

Ball of fur,

What pleasures come

When you doth purr!

My only wish

For you is yon:

Do sheath your claws

‘Till break of dawn.

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