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Stranded In Paradise

I’ve been here

For a hundred days,

All by myself

With the ocean waves.

Now normally

I would be pleased

With this sunny weather

And ocean breeze,

All the free food

I can eat,

But I’m lonely.

There’s no one here to meet.

I haven’t spoken

Or had human contact

Since my nav equipment

Got out-of-whack’ed.

I wrote a message

In the sand,

Hoping a rescue

Had been planned.

Then on the day

One-hundred and one

I got a message

From someone.

A bottle floated

Onto my beach,

A letter inside

Just beyond my reach.

I made a rope

Of jungle vines,

Some of my hair,

And survival twines.

I climbed down a cliff

And grabbed my hope.

I popped the cork

And read the note.

“Hi there stranger!

“This game’s a rush!

“Come join me

“On Candy Crush!”

My sandy message is gone

Without a trace.

I no longer miss

The human race.

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