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Castaway 2021

Dan McGill from Denver

Got on a plane. In the sky he

Heard the engine failing

Before they landed in Hawaii.

Alas, they never landed,

Unless you count a watery tomb,

And only Dan survived the plunge

And swam away from doom.

He found himself an island

With a single tree for shade

And he dug into the sandy beach

Until a cave was made.

He lived inside the cavern

Eating fish and coconuts,

Making no excuses,

Eschewing all ifs, ands, and buts.

He was stranded many months,

Perhaps a year or more,

Until one night a ship passed by

The little sandy shore.

The castaway called “Ho there,”

And the captain turned to lee

And knowing he was rescued

Dan Mcgill exclaimed “Yippee!”

Then the crewmen came ashore,

Handed him a water bottle,

And said “You can’t say ‘Ho there.’

“The term is ‘Yonder social media model.’”

Then they asked “Where is your mask

“And proof of vaccination?”

And Dan replied “Oh, sorry guys,

“I’m really on vacation!”

So sailed away Dan’s only hope

Of rescue from the isle,

And for miles the sky was lit

Up bright by Danny’s smile.

“God,” he said, with praying hands,

“You saved me from the plane,

“And now your mercy saved me

“From an even greater pain!”

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Stranded In Paradise

I’ve been here

For a hundred days,

All by myself

With the ocean waves.

Now normally

I would be pleased

With this sunny weather

And ocean breeze,

All the free food

I can eat,

But I’m lonely.

There’s no one here to meet.

I haven’t spoken

Or had human contact

Since my nav equipment

Got out-of-whack’ed.

I wrote a message

In the sand,

Hoping a rescue

Had been planned.

Then on the day

One-hundred and one

I got a message

From someone.

A bottle floated

Onto my beach,

A letter inside

Just beyond my reach.

I made a rope

Of jungle vines,

Some of my hair,

And survival twines.

I climbed down a cliff

And grabbed my hope.

I popped the cork

And read the note.

“Hi there stranger!

“This game’s a rush!

“Come join me

“On Candy Crush!”

My sandy message is gone

Without a trace.

I no longer miss

The human race.

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