And The Award For Best Pet Goes To…

I’ve had a lot of pets.

Okay, not really… but a few

And I tell you with conviction

That the best of them is you.

When I read my poems to goldfish,

Guppies, betas, or trout

They get neither the humor

Nor what the poem’s about.

When I read my rhymes to kitties

They bite me on the thumb.

When I read my verse to doggies…

Well, alas, they’re cute but dumb.

When I read poems to my girlfriends,

Oh sure, they laugh and smile

And beg me to be their only love,

But that’s just not my style.

But you stay with me, readers.

You are my best friend and my steed.

I’m a lucky guy to have you,

And you don’t cost much to feed.

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