Selling The Farm

As “My Little Pony” kids grow up

We must change our products, of course.

I’d like to propose a new toy line:

I call it, “My Big Ass Horse.”

It targets a new demographic

To break into a market we lack.

We’ll have all shapes and sizes of horses

In all colors, as long as they’re black.

We’ll distinguish this new product

From our competitors in this way:

These will be full-size, living horses

That you need to feed every day.

We can have spin-off products

Like “My cattle,” “my sheep,” “my mouse,”

“My dolphin,” “my armadillo,”

And, for those who like pigs, “my spouse.”

I know that this line will bring income

To our struggling toy company,

And I bring it to your attention

Because I have the inventory.

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