Double-O Me

Chanel number five

When she comes home at night…

Something about it

Just doesn’t feel right.

She won’t catch my eye.

There’s a lie I can see.

This sounds like a job

For Double-O Me!

I’m spying on Wilson.

I hope it’s not John.

I’ve got to find out

Just what’s been going on.

My heart will stay broken

‘Til I find out the truth.

Time for Double-O Me,

The ultimate sleuth!

She doesn’t like Travis

And Alfred is a bore.

Ted’s not into women

And Pete is off at war.

Her other male friends

I cannot recollect 

So maybe the answer’s

Not what I expect?

I’m done spying on Wilson.

I know it isn’t John,

And still I have to wonder

Just what is going on.

My heart will stay broken

‘Til I find out the truth.

Yet more time for Double-O Me,

Still the ultimate sleuth.

I’ve gotten sick of lurking

And staking out my friends.

Now I’m hoping that the means

Will justify the ends.

I asked her “why the perfume?”

She said “It blocks the smell.

“I like pet-sitting Scruffy

“But he stinks like bloody hell!”

For sure it isn’t Wilson.

John was innocent too.

Turns out that my suspicions

Were anything but true.

My heart’s no longer broken,

But I’ve one more thing to do.

Next up for Double-O Me:

To give that dog a talking to.


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