Unbiased Advice On Picking Your Pokemon Go Team

Now that we can realize

Our Pokemon-catching dreams

We must make the hard decision

Of picking from three teams.

The team that you decide on

Is the team to which you stick,

So I’ve written this unbiased poem

To help you make your pick.

First we have team valor,

The team for the brave and true.

Second is team instinct

If impulsive describes you.

If either of these teams

Is the one you eventually choose

I hope that you find comfort

In the fact you’re sure to lose.

For among the three teams

One’s sure to reign supreme:

The mighty Articuno

Leads the mighty Mystic team!

If you reside anywhere

From the South Pole to Juneau

Know that you’ll find victory

With Team Blue and Articuno.

If you pick red and Moltres

Or Zapdos and team yellow

You’re surely a disgrace

And an addle-brain-ed fellow

For mystic gives you answers

That don’t require you to think.

Besides, unlike the other two

Team Mystic doesn’t stink.

I’ve presented much hard evidence

To support my choice,

But if you still think otherwise

I urge you – raise your voice!

I’d love to read your poems

That explain how you chose wrong.

Now just imagine this poem ends

With fireworks and a gong.

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