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Mr. Mediocre Picks His Weekend Companions

Some people are winners,

Champions, doers,

Cheerful, successful,

Real woo-hooers.

Some people get up

At 5:00 am every day

And go run a mile,

Cut some wood, write a play.

Some people become

The world’s best at their craft.

They’re prom kings and queens

Who’re picked first in the draft.

And then there are people

Who are dumb, weak, and stout

And for self-esteems sake

They’re with whom I’ll hang out.


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An Individual Stranger

I heard a woman say
Just the other day
“Recognize me as an individual.”

So I’m recognizing her,
But you readers may be sure
See this post is not something
that have seen she will.

Maybe if I knew her name,
What made her separate
from the same
I could recognize her appropriately.

So if you want a shout out,
Just demonstrate your clout out,
Or my poem to you will end

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