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Youthful Needs 

My heart afire

In dead of night

I seek out comfort 

In my phone’s backlight.

I read and comment,

Like and share,

Yet, despite the burning heart thing,

I just don’t care.

Like silver in a rainbow,

Like water in the sun

I seek in vain for some intelligence

But find “25 people you wouldn’t believe used to be a nun.”

Then I look out the window

On the acres of green,

The infinite paradise

Of Earth so serene.

The rabbits are dancing,

The deer leap and bound,

The flowers are fragrant,

The air sweet with sound.

My heart’s more aflame now

Than ever it was.

Then deep in my pocket

I feel my phone buzz.

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When You Turn On “Predictive” Typing

The best thing I’ve seen 

The best thing I’ve heard 

Is the game and I have 

A little too hard for a littler.

The only problem I had 

Was just about a good game.

The only thing that is 

A bit weak but today is the best

Is your opponent;

This is how my phone says

“I’ll be home at 6:00. Love you.”

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