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The thick-walled resting cells of certain fungi and algae, arising from the fusion of two similar gametes need synonyms too!

If you don’t have much money

You could be poor or broke,

Week-to-week, impoverished,

Or have fortunes up in smoke.

If you are real good-looking

You might be cool or hot,

Attractive, sexy, glamorous,

An angel or a thot.

If you want to greet someone

There’s “Hi,” “hey,” “sup,” and more,

So why is there no word

Synonymous with “Zygospore?”

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An Unhappy Pianist

I was tired of the piano.

It had a negative influence

On my life and my wellbeing.

To correct for this incongruence

I changed my choice of instrument.

Now I play the piayes.

I don’t have many gigs lined up,

But I think that’s for the bes’.

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