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Multipurpose Tool

A shiny new piano

Is a beauty to behold,

And music can bring life and warmth

Despite the rain and cold.

Every key and inch of wood

Brings harmony, dear reader…

Especially when dropped from the 60th floor

Onto the appropriate world leader.

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Elton John Meets Dumbo

I’ve always been an ally

To animals and butterflies,

So I wanted to play piano

For the beasts. Never did I surmise

That tickling the ivories

Would, in fact, lead to my demise.

I thought it would be cute,

But the elephant thought otherwise.

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An Unhappy Pianist

I was tired of the piano.

It had a negative influence

On my life and my wellbeing.

To correct for this incongruence

I changed my choice of instrument.

Now I play the piayes.

I don’t have many gigs lined up,

But I think that’s for the bes’.

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