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The yeti is a peaceful beast
Who lacks in privacy
‘Cause he’s always being hunted down
By chaps like you and me.

So I began a coalition
To give bigfoot some peace.
I call it SKYP, which stands for
Stop Katching Yeti Please.

I put the group on Facebook
But not on that Twitter site
‘Cause in 140 characters or less
I can’t get my message right.

So if you’re concerned with freedom
For out Northern monstrous friend
Please send me checks or paypal,
And that’s this poem’s end.


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Meeting the Beast

The winter wind,
The soggy snow
Gather amidst
My auburn hair.
The polar ice
Is all I know,
Yet not at home
Do I feel there.

You think I am
Which makes me feel
Out of place,
But I am just
A ginger yeti.
Please put away
Your mace.


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