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Fade To Black

To the victor go the spoils,

The diamonds and the oils,

The right to raise a flag above

A world that’s not their own.

To the losers, the defeated,

Goes an anger ever-heated,

Simmering for generations

Within each descendant’s bone.

To the watchers, the supporters,

Pulling strings and giving orders

Goes a power of oppression

And, with it, endless pain.

To the peaceful, to the no one,

Goes the best life in the long run,

Remembered in the darkness

Which always will remain.

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Remember The Instigators

Today we thank the eager few

Who gave their lives for me and you,

Who walked through fire, blood, and steel

Knowing well how it would feel,

Enduring all put in their path,

Both human fear and nature’s wrath.

They kept their word and walked the walk

‘Cause politicians wouldn’t talk.

Tomorrow we will thank the few,

Among their number maybe you,

Who stood their ground and bravely said

“We do not want our children dead.”

“We do not need what others own.

We welcome strangers to our home.

The cause of each and every war

Are those in whom our power we store.”

Today remember soldiers late

So those to come won’t share their fate.

There’ll be no “Those who came before”

When humankind says “no” to war.

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Think Of All The TV I Missed Though…

The river softly calls my name,

The trees and wind applauding.

I wander in the wilderness

And smell the flowers nodding.

The sky’s a bright and cloudless blue

In the moment I lie down

And what was once a rocky hill

Becomes my granite crown.

I stay an hour or a year

Amidst the wild. I savor it.

We all are nature’s children

And mother nature has no favorite.

And thus I rest on brother grass

As sister blue jay sings

And laugh at those who seek to find

Their happiness in things.

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Seriously, Just Don’t! It Takes A Certain Charisma And/Or Unusual Size

Why must titans always clash?

Why can’t they just get along?

Titans could have tea and cake.

What about that is so wrong?

Why must titans always fight?

There’s other things for them to do

Like fly a pretty titan kite,

Play titan games, or make a stew.

If you’re a titan reading this

En route to your next clashing spot

Please know that you are not defined

By your ability to crush a big robot.

And if you’re a non-titan bloke

Just casually reading ’cause you’re bored

Don’t try to unclash titans too

‘Cause most likely you’ll just be ignored.

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I want to see a sport

Where forty normal guys

Cooperate athletically

To share a worthy prize.

No one would hit each other.

No feelings would be hurt.

They’d go home with clean jerseys

And their hands devoid of dirt.

No penalties are needed

For good sportsmanship prevails

And from such competition

Comes a host of happy tales.

Such sports would be refreshing

And a lovely change of pace

But for now I’ll stick with boxing

‘Cause I love some hand-to-face!

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The Consequences of Peace

My baggage is here.

I’m safe and happy

Which means once again

These poems will be short and crappy.

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Live-Streaming From My Heart

I wish you could have been there

When I walked for the first time.

I wish you could have been the one

To give me my first dime.

I wish that you’d had the chance

To see my first crayon art,

But I know that you couldn’t

So I live-streamed it from my heart.

Sometimes we are seperate

When we wish we were near.

Sometimes we’re gone for hours,

Sometimes for many years.

I wish you could’ve seen it

When I got on stage and sang.

I wish you could have been there

When the wedding bells rang.

I wish you could have hugged me

Each time my life was torn apart

But I know that you couldn’t

So I live-streamed it from my heart.

Sometimes life asks questions

That have no good answers.

Some folks must be soldiers

So others can be dancers.

I wish that I had known you,

Asked you questions and the like.

I wish we could watch movies,

Play with cards or take a hike.

I wish that we could blame the dog

When one of us would fart.

Someday we’ll have the chance. ‘Til then

I’ll live-stream from my heart.

Sometimes the cruel or thoughtless

Can take away a life.

Sometimes we see a uniform

And not its kids and wife.

I wish you could have been there

When that bomb fell from the sky.

I wish you could have been here

So you wouldn’t have to die.

I wish the world would parley

Before any war would start.

At least I know you feel the love

Live-streaming from my heart.

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