The Expendable Letters

The letters Z and X, 

And also Q and C,

Left the alphabet one day

In a flight of misery.
They knew they were superfluous,

That they could not make a sound

Unique and unimitatible

By the other 22 letters around.
And so we started seeing

Other letters filling in.

K and S hung out in a hotel lobby

Until J jekked them in.
The letters had more duties,

And had to get more brainy.

S started having seizures 

Filling in for words like “zany.”
Eventually, they all came back

After things came to a head.

Alas, Q was still useless

And Z wanted to be called “Zed.”
X declared a monopoly

On marking spots on a map.

And poor old C remained

Just the first piece of Crap.


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