New Releases, Same As The Old Releases

The plots of every video game

Turn out to be exactly the same:

An underdog becomes more skilled

Until the villain can be killed.
I created a game of my own

That you can play without a phone

In which a group of Demon Lords

Present you with various rewards.
Some give freedom, some give wealth.

Some guarantee you perfect health.

Some will make the world at peace

Or let you meet the cast of “Grease.”
Your character has just one year

(Minus time for sleeping, work, and beer)

To help your choice of Demon Lord

Get the power to give you your reward.
And after all is said and done

Whichever Demon eventually won

Will not give you what they said.

They’ll do what’s best for them instead.
How many of you think “sounds like fun?”

Oh really? I guess that’s no one…

The name of the game is Election Day.

It’s coming in November to the USA.


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One response to “New Releases, Same As The Old Releases

  1. Beth Heffernan

    Ouch, you nailed this one, David


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