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Senior Year

The year I raised the 4H deer

Were the best days of my life.

Not only did I eat really well,

But I met my future wife.
She was a doe-eyed sophomore

Who smelled of smoke and beer.

She’s still my favorite cousin.

Good mem’ries, senior year.

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How to heigh-Ho (A Derry-O)

I was born and raised a farmer,
And I know my job quite well,
But I’ve got some competition
From the farmer in the dell.

So I’ve got to take a gander at
What he’s got that I’m lacking.
He just heigh-hoed his derry-o,
So on that I should get cracking.

So how does one go about
The process of heigh-hoing?
I know some dwarves (Crap, I mean “little people!”) who do it
When off to work they’re going.

So if you’ve got ideas,
Please write and let me know.
You’ll help this needy farmer,
And you’ll help his derry-o.

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