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An American Traveler

There once was a van-living hoarder

Who crossed the Canadian border.

He lost his way,

So he asked a cop “eh?”

The cop figured all was in order.
And so the directionless dude

Asked locals who were eating food.

They said “bla bla bluh.”

The van-guy asked “huh,”

And found himself viciously booed.
And so the van-guy found his way

Back to Where-He-Was-From, USA.

There’s a moral somewhere,

But you probably don’t care,

And it’s probably better that way.

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The beaver is an animal

That’s really pretty swell.

It’s Canada’s national animal

And it’s waterproof as well.


Gosh, I love the Beaver

As it slaps its tail on the water,

And it had a television show

Years before Harry Potter.


And guy, I find it snazzy

And I’d venture it’s spiffy too,

That beavers always give a damn

And about them, you can too.


So next time a beaver steals your lunch,

Instead of trying to retrieve it,

Just agree to part with food,

And to the beaver, leave it.

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