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A Limerick For When You’re The Only Right-Winger In Your Social Group

If you think something’s funny

You are right

Unless it deals with pol’tics

And you’re white

In which case you’d best not laugh

For it might be a social gaffe

(But if you voted Bernie you’re alright).

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An American Traveler

There once was a van-living hoarder

Who crossed the Canadian border.

He lost his way,

So he asked a cop “eh?”

The cop figured all was in order.
And so the directionless dude

Asked locals who were eating food.

They said “bla bla bluh.”

The van-guy asked “huh,”

And found himself viciously booed.
And so the van-guy found his way

Back to Where-He-Was-From, USA.

There’s a moral somewhere,

But you probably don’t care,

And it’s probably better that way.

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One More (Just for the Helen of It)

There once was a hot chick from Troy
Who caught the eye of a boy.
They overreacted
And a war was enacted
And thousands of ships got destroyed.


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Lazy Limericks

There once was a poet named David.

Night and day, on this blog, he slave-id.

But one Saturday, hazy,

He felt rather lazy,

So to the temptation of limericks he cave-id.


Alas, he still had no ideas.

This was one of his great fea’s!

Poems aren’t noisy.

He spelled fear like a guy from New Joisey,

And he screwed up his meter/shed tea’s.


And thus I do finish this post.

It has few worthy features to boast.

But I’m tired and stuff,

And this is probably enough,

So dear reader, these limericks are toast!

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