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It’s The Thought That Counts

I saw a homeless family.

In rags they all did dress.

They held a sign: “We appreciate

“Whatever you’ll spare. God Bless.”

I just happened to be

Driving home from the lab

And I had extra hydrochloric acid

Beside me in the cab.

I tossed them the beakers

Which catch they did not.

Oh the presumably joyful tears

To their eyes that I brought!

Some people would pass them

Without thinking twice

But today I was different.

Today I was nice.

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Some folks give food to the hungry.

Some folks give money and socks to the bums.

Some folks give smiles to the lonely.

Some folks give Gameboys to guys with no thumbs.

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Giver and Reciever

Bouquet of flowers

Delivered to me.

No name on the card,

And no giver I see.

I’m but an inpatient

At the amnesiac’s ward.

Sending stuff to myself

Is it’s own reward.

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