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New Perspectives

I once went to a market

For groceries I would buy

When a most unpleasant sight

Fell upon my naive eye.

I can only picture

What occurred before I came

As if the homeless had played poker

And they all had lost the game,

For beside the sidewalk entrance

Underneath the neon sign

Were a hundred empty carts

Neatly tucked into a line.

Somewhere in the city

There are those who’ve lost there way

So I beg you, steal back their carts

For justice! (Please obey)

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Inner City Nursery Rhymes

“Red umbrella on a bench

Next to homeless guy with stench.

Kinda wrinkly, slightly damp

Are both umbrella and the tramp.

They’ve been friends since ’98

When he bought it, as if by fate.

Together they’ve been through a lot.

They’ve weathered storms, bickered, and fought.

The hobo and umbrella pair

Possess a sense of laissez-faire.

It seems for them that things look up

As they count coins in their half-full cup.

Then they lynch a passerby;

Umbrella stabs him in the eye.”

This is why you should always look

Before you buy a children’s book!

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Suffice To Say The Narrator Is Not A Philanthropist, AKA Can I Get This On A T-Shirt Please?

Like a church without a steeple,

A Costco that’s not full of people,

A girl who doesn’t like a bunny

Or a kid who thinks fart jokes aren’t funny,

Like a bracelet without a clasp,

A crossword puzzle without the word “asp,”

Like warm fresh bread without the yeast

Or cannibals who never feast,

Like raindrops falling with the snow

Or a hallmark card by Edgar Alan Poe,

Like a duck that only sinks

Or someone driving behind you that thinks,

Like a straight man enjoying “Magic Mike,”

Someone else’s chihuahua that people like,

A University that welcomes drop-ins,

Or “Liam Neeson stars as Mary Poppins.”

These are things that don’t exist,

That can’t be seen and won’t be missed.

They are like what you’ll become

If you ask me for money, Mr. Bum.

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It’s The Thought That Counts

I saw a homeless family.

In rags they all did dress.

They held a sign: “We appreciate

“Whatever you’ll spare. God Bless.”

I just happened to be

Driving home from the lab

And I had extra hydrochloric acid

Beside me in the cab.

I tossed them the beakers

Which catch they did not.

Oh the presumably joyful tears

To their eyes that I brought!

Some people would pass them

Without thinking twice

But today I was different.

Today I was nice.

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My Two Cents

If a homeless person

Asks you for some cash

And you give them some pennies

You are literally human trash.

To give someone a penny

When they’re sleeping outside on the ground

Is to say “You’re still broke, but at least

“I don’t have to carry this f*%^ing penny around.”

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See Spot Run

See spot run.

Spot runs fast

Because if Spot

Comes in last

Spot will lose

His family’s approval

Which will lead, in relation

To his house, his removal.

Spot enjoys

Not living on the street

So Spot runs fast.

Of foot, he is fleet.

Spot comes in second

Which Jane thinks is slick.

Alas, Spot’s owner

Is a Dick.

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The Mail Perspective

Few things are better
Than getting a letter
The good old fashioned way.
That envelope’s feel
Just fills me with zeal
And I start to dance and sway.

‘Tis a unique caper,
The feel of the paper
And ink beneath my fingers
And when the mail is gone,
My heart will go on.
My jollity forever lingers.

So when I opened your note
In which you wrote
That my electricity bill wasn’t paid
I did not understand,
For I felt very grand.
My life felt like I had it made!

Now reading my crap
From Kohl’s and the Gap
In the candlelight out on the street
I realize life,
Past the bills and the strife,
Can turn out pretty darn neat.

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