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The Long Haul

I watch you smile

In your sleep.

What secrets do

Your dreams so keep?

Will the joyfulness

Your rest bestowed

Remain when you see

Your car’s been towed?


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Jack Frost Won’t Nip Your Nose Anymore

Chestnut’s roasting

On an open fire,

But you know all about that.

What I don’t know

Is why you thought

Chestnut was a good name for a cat.

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Giver and Reciever

Bouquet of flowers

Delivered to me.

No name on the card,

And no giver I see.

I’m but an inpatient

At the amnesiac’s ward.

Sending stuff to myself

Is it’s own reward.

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Follow Your Star

Follow your star
Wherever it leads.
Reap the fruits of desire
With your dreams as the seeds.

Follow your star
To your destiny’s stage.
Embrace life’s uniqueness,
Serenity, rage.

Follow your star
Into infinite space.
I just hope that it leads you
Far away from my face.


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Lady in Blue

I remember back in high school

When I met a girl at work.

She was dressed in blue and shined like the sun

And never dated jerks.


One might say I bought her love

With accessories and trinkets,

But I fashioned up a love contract

And my name, well, I did ink it.


Now every time I drive to work

She’s with me all the time.

In the darkness she’s a flash of light.

In my poems, she’s my ryhme.


And sometimes we run of of gas,

If you know what I mean.

She waits for me while I fill a can

And polishes her sheen.


So if you disagree with the idea

Of marrying an object, tough luck.

Because I will always be faithful

To my lady in blue, my truck.

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