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Thou Art Too Cruel

Perhaps thou art a hero

Or perhaps a simply thief,

A knight in shining armor

Or a bit of comic relief?

Or maybe thou art a villain,

An evil mastermind

Who prays on innocent people

Instead of being kind?

It seems I am mistaken

About the character of your heart.

You’re just a man who laughs

At poets that say “thou art.”

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Portrait of the Vampire Slayer as a Young Girl

If I were granted just one wish
I’d have an evil-slaying sword.
It may not be too practical,
But at least I wouldn’t be bored.

I’d go around the moonlit city
Slaying, smiting, chopping,
And otherwise killing baddies.
That, or I’d go shopping.

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Some Are Born Heroes…

An evil tree from outer space
Wanted to kill the human race.
It grew up in the middle of town,
‘Til old man Wiggins cut it down.

And for the townsfolk life went on,
Unknowing that a threat had gone.
This true story goes to show
It’s what you do, not what you know.

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