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The Complete Abbreviated Works Of Shakespeare

“Wherewithin the stuff doth lie

Comes hither forth to thee and I.”

We know not what its meaning may be

But its important to someone with a PhD.

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Thou Art Too Cruel

Perhaps thou art a hero

Or perhaps a simply thief,

A knight in shining armor

Or a bit of comic relief?

Or maybe thou art a villain,

An evil mastermind

Who prays on innocent people

Instead of being kind?

It seems I am mistaken

About the character of your heart.

You’re just a man who laughs

At poets that say “thou art.”

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Knight Time Thoughts

Perchance thee may have noticed
By coincidence or choice
That those who penned auld english
May have just had a lispy voice,

For whosoever speaketh
In a way that soundeth so-eth
Makes any present participle
With the “th” phoneme groweth.

Perhaps that just be-eth my inkling,
Yet verily ringeth of truth.
I’ve spake my bit, and leaveth now
With a flutter and forsooth.

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