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… Just Disappointed

I’m not mad that in a day

Awareness of the Manta Ray

And its lack of presence in verse

Has hardly changed, for better or worse.

I’m not mad that my attempt

Has not resulted as I dreamt.

Alas, it is not as I wished,

For still few care for the flat gray fish.

And so in my last plea to you

I wrote, of the Manta, this haiku:

Swimming manta ray.

Crocodile hunter slain

And still no poems.

I hope I have inspired you

To write rhymes of the great ray too.

Rhyming’s hard, and some will balk

Yet still I’m glad we had this talk.

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Doing My Part To Spread Awareness

There aren’t enough poems

About the great Manta Ray,

A fact which remains true

After my poem today.

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