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Some folks are really heavy

And some are very thin.

Some have different genitals

And different colored skin.

There’s lots of types of accents,

Many different colored hairs

But everybody’s equal

When you push ’em down the stairs.

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Politically Correct Case Study

They keep making King Kong movies

And they keep casting giant apes

To play the King in question.

That seems like sour grapes!

Why not cast a human

Or a donkey or a skunk?

Why must Kong be royalty

Instead of just a common punk?

Why must the ape be male

And violent and dark-furred?

Has diversity to the producers’

Shallow minds ever have occurred?

I think the next King Kong film

Should be about a lady bird.

If you don’t agree you’re evil

And we need to have a word.

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Doing My Part To Spread Awareness

There aren’t enough poems

About the great Manta Ray,

A fact which remains true

After my poem today.

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