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Don’t Be One Of Those People

People complain frequently

Because something’s always bad.

If nothing’s bad at present

They remember something sad.

Alas, complainers never lack

Sources of inspiration:

If shit didn’t happen every day

They’d complain of constipation.

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One Loss, Two Thoughts

It’s not my fault! It was the sun!

Some dust got in my eyes!

The ump said ball. It was a strike.

This game is naught but lies!

We said good game, but it was not.

We’re better anyway.

Their uniforms are lower class.

Their coach is probably gay.


We lost it all. I missed the catch

Eleven innings in,

My glove an inch from victory,

A mile from a win.

Thus we nine fallen warriors

Shook hands with better men,

And so we slept among our tears

And rose to fight again.

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