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Heaven Is Real

This world of ours has beauty

Hidden where you’d least expect.

There’s a chance for redemption

In every life that ends up wrecked.

In every gray face on the corner,

In every drop the clouds can cry,

There’s a way for you to heal

If you only choose to try.

So when the sun stops shining

Take comfort in the shade.

The beauty in the pink of dawn

Is equal to when day fades.

Eagles think they’re falling

When they first learn how to fly.

Love is all around us,

Not just in some beholders eye.

The world has many faces.

Close your eyes, the faces stay.

Whatever you think of the world

It doesn’t change its way.

Regardless of what you may believe

The truth is always true.

If you don’t believe in Heaven,

Heaven still believes in you.


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This Weeks Hot Fantasy Football Tip Brought To You Hurricane Irma

So I hear there’s a hurricane

Headed for Florida.

Under most circumstances

That’s a thing I’d abhor-ida

But it’s postponed the game

‘Tween the Dolphins and Rays

So my fantasy matchup is easier

Which deserves a few “yays.” 

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Not Pictured: Half-Full Glass, Girlfriend?

Everything in my life sucks

So I spend a lot of time

With my vacuum cleaner

Because I love irony

And clean floors.

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Glass half-empty,

Glass half-full:

Whole debate

Is kind of dull.

Glass is folded

In a ball.

I don’t get

This debate at all.

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72 Days Too Late

“Best by November 2016”

Was on my salad dressing.

I shook my head as I poured it on

And hoped that Kraft was guessing.

Now my life goes with the flow

And I eat only undressed veggies.

On the bright side never anymore

Do people give me wedgies.

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The Next Humane Society Jingle

It’s the summer time

And it isn’t snowing.

The house needs cleaning,

The grass meeds mowing.

There’s no place to park

And the clouds have gone gray

But my heart’s light and sunny

‘Cause I neuter and spay.

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Don’t Be One Of Those People

People complain frequently

Because something’s always bad.

If nothing’s bad at present

They remember something sad.

Alas, complainers never lack

Sources of inspiration:

If shit didn’t happen every day

They’d complain of constipation.

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