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PG-All Ages

Sometimes the things you grew up with

Can make you feel good

Like riding bikes and Pokemon

And being misunderstood

But when you grow, perspectives change

And you see a world in pain

And it can’t be changed by touching base

Or building the best paper plane.

You see a world with real struggles

And problems with no answer

And you decide to try something

Like curing AIDS or cancer.

But as perspectives change, I think

Some problems would be solved

If more people bought a new five-speed

Or cared how monsters were evolved.

Growing up is nice and all

But never you forget

The world needs childish grownups too

For poetry and… stuff.

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Burning Flags

Many a child was inspired by a flag

To leave home on a bus and return in a bag,

To struggle and clash with another boy who

Was raised by a flag without red, white, or blue.

It may be a purpose to live under fire

Until you return or in glory expire,

But I seek a purpose where no flags will fly

And a world where no child is inspired to die.

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Haiku for Hope

Broken pottery

By the lawn I haven’t mown

And my old blue truck;

Living comfortably

And all that I sacrificed

Was my lofty goals.

Then a cool pillow

When I wake and feel refreshed

Like when I was young;

That ginger sunrise

Isn’t unattainable

If I love enough.

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Golden Slipper

I slipped on a banana

And fell on my butt

And it excited me

Because you know what?

Everyone told me “you’ll never

“Be yogurt” but I fought ‘em

And now look at me!

I’ve got fruit on the bottom!

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The Good Life

Today I played some rock and roll

‘Til ten o’clock at night,

Then when outside to watch a comet

In his fiery flight,

Drank some cool tap water

That soothed a tired throat

And pondered why the universe

Decided ducks should float.

Some of this was worldly

And some was wild and rough

And some was almost childish

But not nearly enough.

So when you watch the news and think

The world has gone to hell

I hope you play some rock and roll

‘Til ten o’clock as well.

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Type A Vs. Type Hey!

Some people spend their lives

Trying hard to do things right,

Making perfectly circular pizzas

And working through the night.

Other people live their lives

By doing what is fun

Though the pizza ends up looking

Like art the family dog has done.

Perfectionists unite, I say

And make the rocket ships

While the do-it-my-way folks

Make new flavors for the chips.

The harmony is perfect

Though perfectionists will glare

Because the have-some-funners

Smile back without a care.

But if the pizza’s spherical

Instead of round and flat

Take a bite: It tastes all right

And you’re the first to make it that!

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If everybody had a gun

The world would be a lot of fun

And if everyone died ‘cause I was wrong

No one would complain this poem ain’t long.

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Ever Have That Dream That Happens Over and Over? Yeah…

So today my poem

Is autobiographical,

But that doesn’t mean it’s boring

Nor that it is bull…

I got up at 6:00 AM

And worked for 9 long hours,

After which I got undressed

For three back-to-back showers.

During shower number three

My brain turned on a sec

And instead of thinking, “Ooh, warm water”

It thought “Oh shoot! Oh heck!

“I was supposed to take a test

“That’s due at 5:00 PM!”

It thus proceeded to haw

And also, a bit, to hem.

Well, I expect to get a C

In the class who test I missed,

But instead of being angry, angsty,

Nervous, sad, or pissed

I decided to look on

The sunny side of life:

I know my dreams can come true now!

Now who’s that with my wife…?

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Your Daily Self-Esteem Boost

You haven’t hit much;

Your life is all misses

But you can still write a poem

That’s better than this is.

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Hope Exists In Odd Places

The fact that football stadiums

Are filled with maskless faces

Who came to watch a bunch of men

Of many faiths and races

Hit each other for a ball

While chanting “Let’s Go Brandon”

Makes me think the world’s too good

To suddenly abandon.

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