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An Unexpected Goal

Somewhere there’s a recipe,

Solutions for your life,

A walkthrough to your victory,

An antidote to strife.

Today I build a fire

To light me on the trail

To find instead the recipe

Detailing how to fail.

If there is a flawless guide

Describing how to win

It cannot be of value

To those who look within.

To pass without a challenge

And to win what can’t be lost…

What value is a victory

Attained without a cost?

No master has deficiency;

No one has conquered failing.

My torch shines bright in search of plight.

Here’s hope for stormy sailing!

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Why The Chihuahua Doesn’t To Come In My Room Anymore

I’m burning photographs

Of someone that I loved,

Watching ashes dance

From earth to what’s above

And wondering silently

On how it could have been.

Is unwillingness to forgive

Lack of virtue or actual sin?

I hold his body in my arms…

What’s left of it at least.

Who knew that to a warrior

A simple dog was such a beast?

But now I am alone again

My mind already set

On how I can replace

My unopened* limited-edition Boba Fett.

*Previously unopened… 😭

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One Loss, Two Thoughts

It’s not my fault! It was the sun!

Some dust got in my eyes!

The ump said ball. It was a strike.

This game is naught but lies!

We said good game, but it was not.

We’re better anyway.

Their uniforms are lower class.

Their coach is probably gay.


We lost it all. I missed the catch

Eleven innings in,

My glove an inch from victory,

A mile from a win.

Thus we nine fallen warriors

Shook hands with better men,

And so we slept among our tears

And rose to fight again.

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The Parrot’s Lament (Go Away Sunshine)

Go away sunshine.
I ain’t in the mood.
Leave me alone.
Just let me brood.

Go away sunshine
Like my Polly’s gone.
She had many good sides,
But whose side was she on?

Go away sunshine.
I know she’s a snacker,
But who could predict
How she wanted that cracker?

Go away sunshine.
Let me sit in this cage,
And share with passerby
My avian rage.

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The Field That Is Us

It’s beautiful, this field,
With grass as high as your knees.
Soft and green
Swaying gently in a breeze
As warm as my love’s embrace.

We met here as children.
In the end she’d be my wife.
We trampled flowers, frightened birds
And swore eternal love to life
And each other.

Twelve years later we returned,
Twice as old and just as free.
She wanted to make love,
And I fell to one knee
And told her to wait a bit longer.

The wedding came, intimate,
With guests totaling eleven.
It rained and we cried
In joy, in love, in heaven.
There was a rainbow before the sunset.

I return sixty years later
Driving down the road unpaved.
It rains again as I kneel
And lay a flower on her grave
In the field that is us.

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