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Mixed Messages (AKA The Power of Marketing)

I read a few websites today

And thought I’d share a list

Of just a few quotations

That I now know exist.

The following will not be rhymed

Because they’re exact quotes;

The twist shall be revealed in time

So no need to take notes:

“We fight for clarity and truth telling. We fight for a world that we want our children to live in.”

“We also promote an aggressive search for and use of non-polluting and clean energy sources such as solar, wind, and clean fossil fuels.”

“We respect the right of homeowners and that no one should ever be forced from their home for the non payment of taxes.”

“We support all U.S. veterans. We should find those that are missing and take care of those who have come home.”

“We affirm our humanity, our contributions to this society, and our resilience in the face of deadly oppression.”

“We declare freedom is humanity’s highest ideal, and no cost is too great to ensure liberty and justice.”

“We disrupted business as usual and impacted the world. Thank you to our organizers, our supporters, and our allies.”

“We have fought like hell for our freedom and we will continue to fight like hell. Because we deserve more than we have been given. Because we deserve the healing and the transformation and most importantly we deserve to be free.”

So who are these idealists

Who write impassioned pleas

With hope that everyone will know

The world their author sees?

Some are from “Black Lives Matter.”

The rest are from the KKK.

One of them I just made up,

So happy research day!

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