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If You Don’t Think This Poem Is Ironic, You’re Part Of The Problem

There’s no place for intolerance

Among people I know.

If you’re someone intolerant

Then you had better go.

Intolerance is evil

And if you disagree

Then you should be ashamed

And also learn to think like me!

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We’re Also Live-Streaming Bird Songs And Countable Sheep

This is your local government

Now or pretty soon

Emailing to let you know

That we sanitized the moon.

Looking into space

Will no longer cause disease

So while we cancel everything

Go stargaze as you please.

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The Elites

Who once was an ideologue

Now bears a predacious heart,

A prerequisite for leadership

In politics and art.

Who once fantasized

Is yoked by sponsors unseen,

Separate from the audience

Who now seem unclean.

Who once dreamed of changing

Now for sameness votes,

Repelling their friends,

Trapped within their own moats.

Who is no longer meek

Now learns how and why

The meek inherit nothing

If the elites never die.

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Raucous Caucus Talk

In Iowa approacheth

Democratic circumstances

In which the snollygosters

Can perform their verbal dances,

Each hoping to ensnareth

Those gullible and influential

For they see primary voting

As a big campaign essential.

The maladroits have moseyed

And the minor leaguers drowned

Leaving only malefactors

With the finest lies around

And the lucky folks in Davenport,

Des Moines, and Keokuk

Get to argue first about

Who’s the least likely to suck.

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Disagreement For Dummies

John said the best year

To be a sardine

Was 1783.

I think the best year

Was 1790

And thus John is dead to me.

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The American Way

You haven’t thought of pickles today

And you haven’t jumped a rope.

You haven’t kissed an armadillo

And you’ll never be the pope.

Your eyes aren’t orange like cinnamon

And you have a tooth smaller than your knee,

But if we voted for a different guy

You’ll probably disagree.

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Three Equally Feasible Ideals

Free college is nice

But some don’t want it.

Free healthcare is grand

But some people taunt it.

If we want to please

The entire USA

Pass a law that makes

Every day Saturday!

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